Facility Management Support

Need extra hands? Temporary support for your facility team? Project support is also possible. But also the question; "what should I do with this?", the special and special requests, please submit them without obligation? Perhaps Veste Services (or our network) has a solution?

What is Facility Management

Facility Management is a container concept. In an organization, the facility service or facility department arranges everything related to living and staying, or working in buildings. From daily matters that are needed (the facilities), the maintenance of buildings and all necessary installations. This also often includes the organizational side, the requirements a company or organization has to comply to when owning or using a building. But that is not self-evident and certainly not in healthcare, for example. Naturally, the multitude of regulations and required standards are also part of the job. You do this with an eye on efficiency and effectiveness, usually keeping an eye on the future.

The actual interpretation of the tasks of the facility service differs for every organization. But it often concerns themes of safety, security, a healthy living environment, energy (management), facilities (light, air and water, i.e. drainage, electricity, ventilation, drinking/tap water, gases, data and other cabling), building and general maintenance , eating & drinking. Depending on the type of organization and the types of buildings, this has its own interpretation. Facility Management is therefore the way in which the building manager organizes his task and how the general housekeeping is arranged.

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